U.S. Senate Small Business Of The Week

U.S. Senate Small Business Of The Week

On Wednesday, June 24, 2020, Chairman Marco Rubio named Mercedes Scientific of Lakewood Ranch, Florida as the Senate Small Business of the Week. A Paycheck Protection Program loan enabled them to keep their employees paid & continue their crucial work.

Senator Rubio is Chairman of the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, and continues the tradition of honoring America’s small businesses and entrepreneurs. The Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship oversees proposed legislation on matters relating to the Small Business Administration and investigates all problems relating to America’s small businesses.

Take a look at Rubio’s announcement here:

Mercedes Scientific is at the USCAP Tradeshow!

Mercedes Scientific is at the USCAP Tradeshow!

Mercedes Scientific is partnering with DiaPath this week at the USCAP tradeshow in Los Angeles, CA at the LA Convention Center. Both companies are collaborating to show off equipment in histopathology. DiaPath is an innovative, Italian-based company that focuses on creating a complete, reliable and quality portfolio of instruments, reagents and consumables totally dedicated to anatomic pathology. The United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology, abbreviated USCAP, is the largest North American organization of pathologists. It is the publisher to two major pathology journals, Laboratory Investigation and Modern Pathology. This is the 109th Annual Meeting, which is expected to attract around 4,500 attendees. The USCAP show is open from February 29 to March 5. Along with 146 exhibitors in the Exhibit Hall, several courses, presentations and lectures are available to attendees. Mercedes Scientific is at booth 935, while DiaPath neighbors at booth 939. Both will be showing off microtomes, cryostats, tissue processors, stainers and embedding centers, as well as educating attendees on key pathology processes perfected with the equipment on display.

For more information about the USCAP tradeshow, CLICK HERE: https://www.xcdsystem.com/uscap/program/2020/.

Get your Leprechaun Henry before he disappears!

Get your Leprechaun Henry before he disappears!

The month of March brings the Luck of the Irish – Shamrocks, St. Patti’s Day, Leprechauns… Our first special-themed Henry for 2020 is Leprechaun Henry. He’s greener than a Shamrock Shake, and he’s in very limited quantities. This St. Patti’s Day plush won’t be bringing any pots o’ gold, but he’s sure to bring you luck all year long. He is expected to be out of stock BEFORE March 17th  – so get yours before he disappears for good (no restocks on this one). Customers have to spend $99 or more, and request Leprechaun Henry with their orders. If ordering online, requests for Leprechaun Henry (and any other giveaway) can be placed in the Shipping Instructions field during the Checkout process.

That Extraneous Floating Tissue

That Extraneous Floating Tissue

Extraneous tissue, commonly known as floaters, in the lab, will never be completely eradicated from our testing practices, but we can take steps to understand where it comes from, and how we can prevent it.

Main sources of floaters include, the grossing bench, the embedding stations, and the microtomy stations. At each station, cleaning is an important factor in prevention of floaters. If forceps aren’t cleaned between each and every specimen, you can get fragments of tissue that carry from one specimen to the next. Similarly, if forceps are not cleaned between cassettes, tissue can get carried from one block to the next. Also be mindful of the wells the forceps are stored in and ensure regular cleaning of these occurs. At the microtomy station, ribbon fragments can get picked up if you’re not cleaning the water bath surface between blocks. Cleaning! Cleaning! Cleaning! It really is super important.

Make sure to use common sense practices in your lab, such as not putting your fingers in the water bath or touching the slide in parts other than the sides. Wearing gloves can also reduce the likelihood of your own cells becoming extraneous tissue.

CONTINUE READING HERE: https://www.fixationonhistology.com/post/preventing-floaters

Content provided by Fixation on Histology

Status of the Coronavirus and its Reach

Status of the Coronavirus and its Reach

Worldwide, more than 70,000 cases of the new coronavirus have been reported and more than 1,700 people — the vast majority of them in mainland China — have died of COVID-19.

The Diamond Princess Cruise Ship has been under Japan-ordered quarantine since Feb. 5, after a passenger who had disembarked earlier tested positive for the virus in Hong Kong. Fourteen U.S. passengers were evacuated from the cruise ship in Japan and flown to military bases in California and Texas have tested positive for the new coronavirus, U.S. officials confirm. An additional 44 Americans from the Diamond Princess ship who tested positive for coronavirus will stay in Japan while they recover. Some have been hospitalized, but not all who are infected are sick.

Doctors in five U.S. cities will begin testing patients with flu-like symptoms for the new coronavirus, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday.

The coronavirus test will only be given to patients who test negative for the flu. So far, the testing protocol will be implemented in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Seattle, though more cities will be added. Dr. Nancy Messonnier, director of the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases said the increased testing is part of an effort to determine whether the virus is spreading in communities across the U.S. “The results would be an early warning signal to trigger a change in our response strategy,” she said.

We have experienced an enormous increase in demand for masks, disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer, gowns and many other infection control products as health facilities and laboratories attempt to prepare for further impact of this virus. Currently, masks are the primary product impacted. We are not taking orders for masks unless product is readily available. Your orders remain non-cancellable and non-returnable for all impacted product categories. We are working with our manufacturing partners to secure product for you.

Product categories include: N95 masks, regular earloop masks, disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer, thermometers, isolation gowns, gloves and other infection control categories.

We will keep you posted on changes in product availability.


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