The Brewery Catalog is here!

The Brewery Catalog is here!

The Brewery Catalog is here! Find products specific to Brewery Labs, and ORDER online or with your Mercedes Scientific Sales/Customer Care Representative today!

View the catalog online HERE, or download a digital pdf for desktop view or printing! You can also contact Customer Service or your Sales Rep to order a physical copy of the Brewery Catalog.

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Using CPP to Simultaneously Clean Pesticide and PCB Extracts

Using CPP to Simultaneously Clean Pesticide and PCB Extracts

CarboPrep Plus (CPP) may be used to clean EPA 8082 extracts for Aroclor quantitation, provided caution is exercised in choosing the quant peaks, setting up the possibility of processing a combined pesticide/PCB extract without the sulfuric acid clean up step.

Why clean the PCBs extracts at all?  If pesticide extracts are run on the same instrument regular maintenance would be required to meet the stringent inlet inertness requirements for endrin and DDT.  PCB methods typically do not have the same stringent requirements, however samples typically have high concentrations of non-volatile matrix compounds that build up in the inlet effecting chromatography, which effects quantitation.

An effective cleanup is also important since chromatographic interferences make it difficult to perform Aroclor pattern identifications.  Other challenges include weathering which can significantly change the Aroclor pattern combined with different Aroclor mixtures.

Read more at Restek’s Chromablography HERE

More info about CarboPrep Plus:

Order# RTK 25845

• Maximum Contaminant Removal

• Less Instrument Downtime

• Higher Sample Throughput

Keep your organochlorine pesticide GCs up and running by protecting them against matrix components with superior sample cleanup. Resprep CarboPrep Plus SPE cartridges surpass traditional Florisil products in cleanup power for sample matrix compounds that cause active sites in GC inlets and columns, degrading pesticides and interrupting work due to failed calibration checks. For CarboPrep Plus cartridges, Restek uses a proprietary treatment to create an exceptionally clean carbon that exhibits consistent selectivity. The end result is a reliable sample preparation product that does not contribute interfering background signal and does not need to be evaluated lot to lot to see if elution volumes need to be adjusted. In addition, CarboPrep Plus cartridges are designed to use the same equipment, solvents, and solvent volumes as a traditional Florisil cleanup procedure, minimizing the impact of switching on sample prep labs while maximizing the performance benefit to analytical labs.

Content provided by Restek Chromablography.

Improve Acrylamide Analysis with a Long-Lasting LC Column and a Cost-Effective Internal Standard

Improve Acrylamide Analysis with a Long-Lasting LC Column and a Cost-Effective Internal Standard

Acrylamide can form in food when sugars and the amino acid asparagine react during high-heat cooking processes like frying, roasting, grilling, or baking. Acrylamide is classified as a very hazardous chemical, and large quantities of it have been shown to cause cancer in laboratory animals (although no direct link between dietary exposure and increased incidence of cancer in humans has been proven to date). LC-MS/MS is the current analytical technique of choice for food samples.

Restek Allure Acrylamide guard and analytical columns were developed to withstand 100% aqueous mobile phases, and deliver the same robust performance injection to injection, and also column to column. Faster overall acrylamide analysis can be achieved using Allure Acrylamide columns because they ensure sufficient retention of acrylamide, while allowing matrix compounds to be flushed out more efficiently and effectively. Pairing Allure analytical columns and guard cartridges with a deuterated internal standard allows labs to increase productivity and profitability by analyzing more samples, in less time, with fewer columns.

For further details and references on improving Acrylamide Analysis, visit: .



Item# RTK 30494
Description: Acrylamide (79-06-1), 1,000μg/mL in methanol, 1mL/ampul (Order by the Each)


Item# RTK 30153
Description: Acrylamide-d3 (122775-19-3), 500 μg/mL in acetonitrile, 5 mL/ampul (Order by the Each) Deuterium-labeled acrylamide is an excellent and cost-effective isotopically labeled internal standard choice for the analysis of acrylamide in food or environmental samples.

Allure Acrylamide LC Column

Item# RTK 9167552
Description: 5 μm Columns, 50 mm, 2.1 mm ID

Allure Acrylamide Guard Cartridges

Item# RTK 916750212
Description: 5μm, 10 x 2.1mm (Order 3/pk)

Content for this blog entry provided by Restek, a leading developer and manufacturer of chromatography products.

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