The Grincho-Potamus is in stock for the holidays for you to add to your collection! Mercedes Scientific continues a tradition started back in 2017 with Count Histula – a vampire themed Hippo Plush giveaway made available for Halloween. Henry the Histo-Potamus is a popular and long-established company mascot that has a strong fan following – particularly with the Histology customers. Henry has been featured on all sorts of giveaways and products from mugs, mousepads, rulers, bags of paraffin, umbrellas, tote bags, Tervis Tumblers, hockey pucks, and in calendars and catalogs. Very often, Henry changes things up for the fun of it – keeping things interesting for customers and Mercedes Scientific employees alike. One of the most popular and standard Henry giveaways is the plush doll with squeaker. For years, the plush has gone out on customer order shipments – as long as the customer spends $99 or more, and requests their plush giveaway. The hippo plushes change colors roughly from year to year. But the new themed Henry’s are a little more of a special deal.

2017’s Count Histula was a great success, and it’s difficult to find one at MSI’s Lakewood Ranch, FL facility. Thousands were ordered, but now Count Histula is a SUPER RARE specimen. As a result, 2018 saw McHenry the Leprechaun, and not too long after that, Uncle Sam Henry.  In 2019, the special-themed Henry’s became somewhat regular, getting a release roughly every quarter. Remaining Leprechaun Henry’s went out in March. Uncle Sam Henry was the star in July, Franken Henry stomped his way through October and some of November. And now, Henry the Grincho-Potamus is frosting through the holiday season. Classic Henry plushes fill in the months in between, and 2020 promises to bring even more new themed Henry’s every quarter. Hazel the Histo-Potamus herself might even get a change up in 2020. Stay tuned to see what happens!

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