Introduced early in 2019, Atomic Panda is Mercedes Scientific’s (MSI) newest mascot, joining the ranks of Henry the Histo-Potamus, and his wife Hazel. Atomic Panda (and his lesser know secret identity, the mild mannered lab tech Andy Pandy) have hosted MSI’s ongoing monthly Supply List Raffle, along with other promotions throughout the year. While Henry tends to speak to the Histology audience for the most part, Atomic Panda has more of a medical and wider laboratory focus. In 2020, Atomic Panda co-hosts with Henry in the 2020 Breakthrough Technologies Calendar – which is free with orders upon request, and offers monthly giveaways with prize questions. When his plush toy was shown off at the 2019 NSH trade show in New Orleans, LA, attendees loved the panda with the red shirt and red glasses – and they didn’t seem to know about him after months of exposure. The panda plush toy inventory was fully depleted by the end of the trade show.

Mercedes Scientific will continue to make customers aware of Atomic Panda, and the SAVINGS he fights to bring. Request your Atomic Panda and/or Andy Pandy when you order online, or with Customer Service or a Sales Rep!

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